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Manage your orders from one screen. Select the table, enter the order and exit.

Give an Order's user friendly interface makes you faster and relaxed.



You can add your phone orders to the package service and add your orders from the tables to the table number and follow them easily.



Select the table, place your order and exit. Give an Order with user-friendly interface to make your job faster. Just select the table you want to order and add the categorically displayed foods to the table with one click. You can also add the portion sizes you want to specify, extra materials, or notes you need to write to the order.



You can receive the payment either individually or separately. The ordering system even calculates your money back.

Display delivery orders in one screen

Manage your phone and internet orders from one screen.

If the Caller ID device is used for phone orders, the caller phone numbers display on the screen when the phone rings. You can easily register your customers' information and receive orders without having to ask again for name and address. When a registered customer calls, all the information display automatically to the screen. You only take the order and direct it to the delivery.

On website orders; orders from your website will automatically be integrated into the Give an Order delivery service, you will not have to follow phone and internet orders separately. Manage all your orders from one screen. You will see the total amount of your order instantly while your order is in place, your account will be clear, there will not be any defective calculations. From the Reports section, you can also easily access information such as how much package order you have, how much turnover your courier makes.