Increase Your Income

Everything is designed to make you more profitable. Give an Order allows you to reach more customers and increase your income by minimizing the duration of your service times.

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Easy Product Following

There are many products in a candy store. The more the product is, the more difficult it is to follow. However, with the Give an Order POS system, you can assemble all your products under a panel and follow up easily.

Manage Your Business

Keep track of the ingredients you need for your sweets in the system and analyse how much sugar and how much ingredient you use with the system. Also increase your profit margins with an extensive reporting system.

Boost Your Sales and Take Control

Your managers and staff can start using the Give an Order POS system with a few minutes of training. In addition, by keeping track of your customers’ information, you can notify your customers privately when you have promotions.

Take control of your sales with the Give an Order POS system. Payments; cash, credit card, meal card etc., you can report what you earned at the end of the day with the payment option. Payments can be classified as cash, credit card, meal card etc. so that you can report how much you have earned from which payment method at the end of the day.

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