Fast and Reliable

Are you looking for a fast and efficient POS system like a food truck? Give an Order for is just for you! With Give an Order, consulted by professional cooks and managers, you can take care of all of your food truck business through one system.

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Don’t Keep Your Customers Waiting

Did you take your food truck to a concert or festival site? But do not you want to see customers lined up in front of your truck?

With the Give an Order POS system, you can start getting your order right away on your smartphone. Employees can also take orders with their smartphones or tablets and quickly finish up long customer queues.

Follow From Anywhere

Are you going to a meeting or on a vacation? Keep track of your company's sales in real-time with your PC, tablet or smartphone wherever you go.

Increase your quality of life. Versatile Comfort Use of POS: Give an Order Increase your profits margins by greatly reducing your company's operating time and maximize your customer satisfaction.

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