Increase Your Income

Everything is designed to make you more profitable. Give an Order gives you more access to potential customers and increases your income by decreasing your service times in your ice cream shop.

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Manage Your Business

Follow the inputs and outputs of ingredients such as milk and sugar. Also, with the reporting system, determine which ice cream type is sold the most, and produce new ice cream options on that kind. So increase your profit margin!

You are in control

Whether you are away from your business, you can follow orders, check stocks, follow up on staff, and learn your sales status in real time. All you have to do is take your smartphone or tablet with you!

Take Away & Delivery Options

Give an Order, gives you the opportunity to get a free website and online take away & delivery options. You can choose any design you want from the options and you can start taking take away & delivery orders after you have installed your site in 5 minutes.
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