Everything is under your control!

Everything is under control by our detailed ordering system, which is specially prepared for pizzerias.

If you have any questions, support@giveanorder.com

There is no need for extra equipment and setup in Giveanorder. Try for free

Put an End to Chaos

With the Give and Order POS system, you can take your orders precisely even during peak hours. All you need is just a smartphone or tablet.

Start taking delivery and take away orders

You can set up a website for your pizzeria in 5 minutes and Start taking delivery and take away orders with the Give an Order tailor-made pizza ordering system.

No End-Of-Day Report Hassle

With the Give an Order POS system, you don’t have to do extra processing at the end of the day.

Thanks to the advanced reporting system, you can instantly get answers to questions such as which pizza has been sold the most, how much profit has been made, what is the inventory status. And you have the possibility to check them out everywhere 7/24.

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